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1. Development of a soft pseudophakos
The development of a soft pseudophakos having bio-suitability improved is on the way as part of the development project for industry-based technology. Because of its advantages, the percentage of use in the advanced countries exceeds 40%. In Korea, 60% of its use is done in general hospitals like university hospitals, relying on imports up to 100%, so that the prospect of market share and the reduction effect of foreign currency are quite high.

2. Development of Hydroxyapatite
Development of ceramic charge materials for hard tissue substitutes is undertaken as part of the development project for technology innovation. Viewed from the current state of use in nationwide university hospitals, dentistry, plastic surgery, and orthopedics by their order and manufacturing thereupon, mass production is undertaken for medical beings as ready-made goods. Once a mass production system is on the way after quality control, processing management and human resources are clarified for the mass production of goods under development, it will replace all the imports. Now, it is ready to be exported to Vietnam, China and Hong Kong due to quality and cost effectiveness.

3. Contact Lens
Up until now, due to the discomfort in making it and the patience that it took for the wearers, there have been a few difficulties regarding the use of the RGP. Through an innovative design that will make easier the fitting like in soft lenses and shortening of the adapting time , the RGP lens will have no barriers like it used to have. And through the development of sight correcting LK lens, the concept of contact lenses will change forever.


Dental Engineering
When the artificial tooth project with Yonsei University, Dental College will be finished, there will be a way to live with a tooth that seems like yours. Facts about lenses
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