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Soft Lens -Charming Look
You can experience your attractive appearance when you choose the colors of charming Look . Charming Look is reliable color soft lens with good quality.
Characteristics for Charming Look
Charming look is long lasting, and gives superior feeling in lens wearing through perfect quality control management system, distinctive color printing technology and design.
Clear (Blue tinted)
Superior feeling in wearing
Clear vision and appropriate in corrected vision
Minimize deposit of protein
Cosmetic Color
Unique, vivid color and design
Long lasting color
Strong to UV light
Sandwich printing technology
Minimize deposit of protein
Soft Lens Specification
Model Charming Look
Material HEMA
Color Clear(Blue Tinted)
1 Tone/ 2 Tone / 3 Tone
Power (RP) Clear(tinted) : 10.00~-15.0D
Clored : 0.0 ~ -15.0D
Duration 6months over
Packing Blister packing(Vial is possible)
Water conternt 48%(14.5mm),43%(14.2mm)
Diameter 14.5mm(Standard),14.2mm
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