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Color Toric Lens

 Color Toric Lens is specially designed for patient with astigmatism. People who want to wear color lens with astigmatism can wear these lenses with fascinating and beautiful eyes. It can provide accurate vision for the eye with astigmatism.
Color Toric Lens specification
Model Charming Look - Color Toric Lens
Material 55% poly-HEMA
Color 6 colors
Spherical Power -0.50D ~ -5.00D(0.25D step) / -5.00D ~ -8.00D(0.50D step)
Cylinder Power -0.75D ~ -4.50D(0.50D step)
Axis 0 ~ 180(10 step)
AOZ 8.40
Water Content 45%
Marking 0.6mm from the Edge of the Lens / Width - 0.3mm / Length - 1.2mm
Toric Design – Crescent Slab – Off Design
Color Toric Lens
" Charming Look-Color Toric Lens is adopted Crescent Slab-Off Design for toric design. The design has better stability with corneal astigmatism for -3.0D and above, and accurate fit than prism and prism ballast. Crescent Slab-Off design is available to minimize lens rotation resulting from blinking.
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